11 Things I Know For Sure About Love

Love has everything to do with anything

A Black woman, eyes closed with a short afro, with pink rhinestones on her face, white hearts pressed on her cheeks and sparkly pink lipstick. Yummy.
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

LOVE can seldom be returned in the exact manner of which it is given.

LOVE is the singular reason for all joy and pain.

LOVE is all encompassing in that it can heal a wound or prolong the suffering.

LOVE is never enough in and of itself — it thrives on nutrients of compassion, empathy…



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Toya Qualls-Barnette

Toya Qualls-Barnette

*Top writer in This Happened To Me| Writing about the impact of relationships|Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul| Dreamer|Mother|HSP in drag